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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

week fifteen- Paper-Making with Toddlers

To enhance our school-wide investigations of Egypt, we began paper making with the students. Amy, our fabulous clay teacher and artist in residence, facilitated much of the process. Here is a window onto how it all happens:
We began with mixing cotton pulp (made from cotton tee shirts, supplied by Ray Tamasso) in a large shallow vat.

Next, we pulled the screen (mold) through the vat collecting paper pulp.

The children enjoyed listening to the water drain from the screen.
When we no longer heard it draining, we flipped the screen over onto felt.
Using sponges and a small rolling pin to help press excess water out of the new piece of paper, we encouraged the newly created sheet to release from the screen.
Every class will have the opportunity to make paper on Mondays throughout January

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mother's Nite was celebrated on Wednesday, January 12th with an enthusiastic turn out. Students are always eager to share all the exciting things they are learning and discovering at their school. In the studio we celebrated by making "worry dolls", using a variety of fun and enticing materials to encourage creativity. The results were impressive and beautiful, reflecting the students love of working in collaboration with their mom's in an environment designed and prepared especially for them. Here are a few photo's
We will be adding these supplies to our collage shelves as a continued "worry doll" provocation, stay tuned for the results.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

week 14

Hello CGMS families and friends. We are back after a lovely winter break and the studio is already buzzing with activity.We added alot of found objects, ribbons, string, googly eyes, poms and more to our central supply shelves and students are busily creating some three dimensional pieces.Painting remains an evocative activity for every student and the liquid water colors add so much vibrancy to the stark winter landscape.We have placed the water soluable oil pastels on a small table with 150lb water color paper, for independent work. The effects of this wonderful media in combination with liquid water color, is breathtaking.We have added a dramatic play area to the studio with some scarves and lengths of fabric. We have already seen: house play, the three little bears, super heros, mermaids, pricesses and more.
The block building area remains a point of interest and we have added a clipboard, paper and black pens for the students to record their creations.

What fun! We are excited to begin papermaking next week and continue our studio explorations.