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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

week 23-24-25

Okay, so where are we and what are we doing in the studio? Well, in truth, the studio is closed in preparation for the all school show. I have been sorting, matting, cataloguing and organizing student work with the help of a fabulous team of parent volunteers. I have been collecting stories, interviews and documentation. In short, I have been immersed in some of the greatest art and feeling myself every bit as fortunate as I might working on similar tasks at the Met.
When I emerge from my labors and reenter the fabulous realm of creating and exploring with the children, I will post again. If you are a local or a parent, please consider coming to our annual show on May 12th from 5-7P at the school. It is shaping up to be a truly amazing experience.
(The photo above is from a past show).

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