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Saturday, October 16, 2010

week 6- Toddlers- Angelina

Watching toddlers in their classroom environment quickly illustrates the developmental importance of sensorial experiences. Their interest is captivated by the sound of a cup against the surface of a table, the feel of water, the taste of the graham crackers and strawberries served for snack. Their explorations often begin with a full body approach. With this in mind and a brief consult with the toddler teachers we decided to bring the leaves to the children in the form of an excercise in sensory exploration.We set out two large plastic tubs. One full of leaves, dried corn and acorns, while the other tub was left empty. The students transfered the leaves between the tubs, watched the leaves twirl to the floor, listened to the rustling sounds of leaves and corn husks, smelled the aromas of autumn and foliage.
Two of the older students in the class expressed an interest in a tub of leaves big enough to play in. This idea has prompted our provocation for next week, a small swimming pool filled with fallen leaves to explore.

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  1. Oh, this is a lovely activity. I'm so glad that your toddlers get to have a little bit of the outdoors in their classroom.