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Thursday, February 3, 2011

week 16- worry dolls

Worry Dolls have taken over the studio and the children have not tired of making them, one after another, each accompanied by an imaginative story. Truly, the creativity of these students continues to inspire and amaze me. I find myself transfixed several times a day, as if, in watching their magical world of wonder unfolding through expressive media, I am temporarily transported to a breathtaking universe filled with awe and possibility. I am presently creating a book to document their stories and creations.

Here are a few of the dolls and stories to share:
Ski People, by Ella P.

My ski people are skiing in the mountains . They live in Florida. They’re both girls. Her name is Kelly and her name is Cassie.

Chuck, by Oliver H., age 3

His name is Chuck. He sleeps at nighttime. He wakes up on his first day and he eats his breakfast. He asks his mom to watch TV. Then he goes to school every day until he has a day off. Then he plays with his mom, he has quiet time, he watches a movie on his mom’s ipod. He eats junk food and then he goes to school again on Monday. He drinks milk on Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday and Friday. That’s it.

Julie, by Laurel W., age 5

Her name is Julie. Julie loves to grow roses and play with her dolls in her rainbow doll house. She looks beautiful and she has a little rose in the middle of her body.

Macayla and Her Bunny, by Sophie A., age 5

Down deep into the forest, where there are very bad dangerous things like coyotes, bears, maybe even baby foxes, there lives Macayla and her little bunny. And they found this really cool tree. The bark was green and the tree was yellow. And they decided every day to decorate it so every day all the mean animals could come and see. They would love it. “We love you, tree,” they said. And every day she put more and more decorations on the tree. And they lived happily ever after. They loved and loved the tree. The dangerous animals added leaves and flowers, which made it more beautiful every day. The tree loved it and it grew higher and higher. Now every day the woman with all the dangerous animals climbed higher and higher to the top and they found a cloud castle because of all the beautiful things they put on the tree. They even found lots of ice cream inside. The End.

The Pirate, by Braden B., Age 5

He’s a pirate walking the plank. He was trying to push a pirate and got tied to the plank. He pushed him and he fell.

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