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Friday, February 18, 2011

week 18- more stories

The Pyramid, By Marco R. Age 5

The pyramid is from Egypt. I made it. The eyes are there to scare everybody away. There are mummies in the pyramid, like ten of them, and reptiles too. The crocodile is one of the mummies’ pet.

Crocodile, by Marco R., Age 5

The crocodile lives in the Nile. He eats birds that come near him. He plays in the ocean and he thinks it’s a pool and he brings toys in there and he also thinks it’s a bathtub. He lets people be but not birds.

The Princess and the Bird, By Sophie A., Age 5

The wind was blowing. The eagle was flying very fast. A rose blew, floating on the wind and the petals came off. The princess and the bird heard something. The rose said, “Come near and dear. Come here and be on your journey.” There were all different colors swirling in the air like red and blue, purple, green, orange and pink, and all of them swirled faster and faster together in a circle. The sparkles on top of the roof sparkled brighter and bright. The princess and eagle decided to go inside. After they went inside there were lots of fun things to do. After they played fun games they went outside. The petals returned to the flowers and every color stopped and made the circle. The rose voice said, “Very well.”

The End.

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